Central Control (MIDI Mapping, OSC and more for TriCaster)


Hi all,

Today I have released version 1.1 of my app Central Control. It is very modular so it's hard to explain everything that can be acheived, but the following may be of interest to TriCaster users.

MIDI Mapping of TriCaster (including audio mixer, T-Bar etc)
OSC control of TriCaster (TouchOSC templates for mixer, switcher and instant replay are included)
Remote control of NDI Studio Monitor.

I invite you to check out this demo video and see our website for more info



NewTek SE
For everyone that wants to use MIDI faders to control the audio system in the TriCaster, here is the software you have been waiting for.

JEM Virtual

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Hello - Having troubles connecting to the Tricaster MINI HD4 - Assuming under ADD device I should select Mini/40CS, however COM Port is blank with no options to add, and cannot turn device on with out it. Tips? Thanks!
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