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So, it seems my golden ride on UStream has come to an end. I have been with them since before they were UStream, so my legacy plan was getting me 500 viewer-hours, unlimited channels, and unlimited storage for $49.95 per month. All unbranded. I've been lucky.

Their enterprise team just quoted me over ten times that amount to stay with IBM Cloud Video. Don't worry, though... they appreciate my business.

In reality, I actually end up spending about $150 to $250 a month as I have several customers that go into overtime a few times a quarter. I could amortize this over the year and be okay, but it's sure nice to just pay when we're busy, and have a very very low rate when we're not.

What's everyone else like, these days, in terms of paid, customizable, multi-channel CDN?
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I rent a dedicated server and install wowza. I then broadcast via any number of CDNs by using that as the origin. I am biased and used the Highwinds CDN which was awuired last year by Stackpath. This setup would definitely be over $50 a month but I should be cheaper than $150 and you should be able to stream a heck of a lot more for $150.

Have a few friends who were happy with vimeos live service for turn key though
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