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Standart render and surface LW


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they look good, but im going to be very picky. CD's have two reflective areas. The first is the outer coating of plastic, then there is the internal refelction of that and the reflection of the acctual silver CD. This gives off wicked light effects that are hard to do. The CD's look great but its only one reflection map i guess. Probably far to picky to do in LW, grab a CD and see what you see...



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Just a thought... maybe a radial-rainbow gradient, either by map or as a gradient layer (not too strong in color and blended with alphas and incidence angles ) in the color channel (which can be animated if the cd's are going to move so you can "fake" the spectrum effect so it looks like it moves with the angle). Try out the aniostropic shader (BRDF) for some specular action.


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I recently found a paper about rendering CD reflections based of physics, the results are pretty convincing:

If the formulars would be more concrete i'd write a LW plugin rightaway, but from the first read it looks like you have to know some basics about electromagnetic waves that i don't have, besides that english technical terms are sometimes hard for me to understand... :(
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