Catharsis - an animated short


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The final shortanimation I did for my MA 3d Digital Animation programme at the University of Hertfordshire.

It plays on the oppositions of good/evil and manmad/nature and also has some dystopian elements and cool visuals and soundtrack featuring a timelapse scene of a growing plant and a collapsing room.

Quicktime7 big (720x405 pixels, 22Mb)
Quicktime7 small (480x270 pixels, 10Mb)
Mirror on Stage6 (high quality, please use this one too to keep the traffic on my page manageable)

The short was created by me, Matthias Zabiegly. James Lee Burstein did all the music and soundeffects. And yes, we are both currently looking for a job.

If you want to know more about it visit its homepage at


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Odd feeling at the start, when you think you ahve to click on something, like one of these new age thiller movie websites .. then it all just .. happens :)

Simple and very enjoyable ...
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