Capture_Playout Video for tape: How?


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file>Preferences>globals>transport>remote deck

the DF4 find a remote deck in port 1

but... when i check in file>tape functions>


what i must do?

any help is welcome!:)


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The deck control features of Digital Fusion 4 will only work for playback purposes with the dpsPerception and dpsHollywood video I/O cards. This functionality was originally added to Fusion several years ago for these cards, which are no longer in production, as they did not come with standard with robust capture utilities. However, these days the Video I/O cards that Fusion interfaces with, like the Toaster, come with very robust software for capture and playback, including printing to tape so we recommend using these utilities instead of DF. Fusion’s capture utilities will not work with the Toaster.

The File>tape functions> controls are actually used to interface with tape backup devices such as DLTs for backing up projects, footage etc., but not to control a VTR.


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Dps perception huh, i got one of them, will it alow me to use my ntsc monitor to view my dfx project while im working on it? like AE and a voodoo card. what section of the manual do i search for this?

I was thinking i could set up a saver to send frames at the end of a flow to my perception just to see the actual ntsc output.

any ideas?


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Yes you can do this on your perception card for preview out of what you are working on in a flow.
Right click a flow component and choose "Show on" or preview on and you will get a selection of where to send the panel data. Previews are generally for a preview rendered section or full flipbook style display but output either on the right or left pane, or the VT3/Perception.

I am amazed your perception card still works. Mine blew out 5 years ago. Thankfully I sold it to someone who wanted it oddly enough for parts.
(I had the capture card on it as well).
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