Can't find rotate function on Transform tool in Chronosculpt


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I am working on a dynamics fracture simulation and cannot rotate geometry using the Transform tool in Chronosculpt. Tried pressing Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Command along with clicking the gizmo but no luck.

Any help would be amazing. Anyone run into this?

Thank you in advance.

Ryan Roye

As far as I know, you can't rotate things yet in Chronosculpt. The very closest you can come to rotations is via sculpting, but that is only practical for organic models.


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Thank you very much Chazriker... I guess I'll wait to fully check it out then. It's too bad, the Chronosculpt page specifically mentions being able to "Move, Scale and Rotate with the Transform, Bulge and Pin tools". I hope it'll come out soon then. Thank you for the quick response.
see it's kinda true but not! stay with me here on this.

goto \Program Files\NewTek\ChronoSculpt1.0.1\bin\cs\startup you will see a file called CSshorcut

add this line
add_shortcut("y", "Rotate")

this will enable the rotate function " however it's work in progress/bugged and you are really should not be able access this function atm"


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Hey! Well thank you so much for the tip. I just added it but couldn't find a way to work it out on Chronosculpt, pressed Y too but nothing occurred and the Transform tool is just the same: move and scale. No rotate. I do run a MacBook Pro and the commands aren't too reliable, they tend not to work in fact, don't know if you might have that problem with PC. Do you know, once you add the command, how to actually operate the rotate function on CS?

Anyhow, I imagine/hope they will update that feature soon enough!!

Thank you so much!
strange it should work ... but to be honest I have changed CS that much I cant actually remember what it looks like by default ...

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