Cannot add License with Crossover


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LightWave does not work with Wine (aka Crossover). It can only run in discovery mode.

LightWave licensing depends on some magic with the firewall, which Wine does not fully support.

Stick to a VM like VirtualBox or a dual boot option (BootCamp).


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Thanks for your replies.
Should have said that I am on an M1 Pro MacBook Pro.

oh! Just seen that VirtualBox doesn't support Apple silicon machines yet.


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If your moving permanently to Mac, can you contact Newtek for a License swap.
What version of LightWave is it?


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For M1, you'll need emulation, not virtualization. Consider this:

Beware that you'd use a "x64" version of Windows 7 (I'm assuming will run under emulation, not virtualization). You should not choose the "ARM" version of Win10. LightWave needs "x64" processors. EDIT: I'm realizing that the ARM version of Win10 may have some x64 emulation possibilities within the Windows OS...but you're just asking for trouble with all these layers of systems.

There should not be a need for a license swap as modern LW licenses are dual platform.
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