Can this be done with VT script on TC broadcast?


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Hi Guys,
We are quite new to the whole tricaster thing, but we are having trouble doing something quite simple. We have the TC broadcast.

We have a 2 camera studio. We have a looping background which we want chromakeyed in the background of the camera inputs. However we want the camera with the tightshot to have a tighter view (with a slight blur) and the wider camera to be the regular background.

I can think of 3 ways, however my knowledge falls short on all.

USE DDR 1 and 2 to provide two different looping backgrounds (downside we loose one DDR and there seems to be no way to apply the backgrounds to the cameras so the cams and DDRs switch at the same time.

USING the Utilities I was able to get a Matte blur, which would be perfect if I could live scale it before the blur... but I can't seem to do it.

I can't for the life of me work out where to get the simple version of the set constructor. I hoped it may be possible to create a live set and scale the FX input to full screen on cam 1 and with cam 2 maybe 150% with a blur.

I thought this to be pretty simple... but I'm feeling pretty dumb...

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Sounds like you understand the situation quite well.

You can't simultaneously switch two banks (AUX and program) - that's likely one of the reasons LiveSet was developed - it by locking a LiveSet to an input, the background will switch with the program row.

The simple LiveSet construction tool will not scale a video source, nor will it allow you to add an FX source. You'd need to create this in the Aura pluggin or LightWave pluggin - and due to wanting the blurs I'd say it would be much easier to pull off in the Aura pluggin.


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2 DDRs

Thanks for your help!!... we got it sorted... Now I'm trying to play two DDRs at the same time... any ideas?
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