Can Motion Modifiers be lscripts?/python?


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I was surprised to find that Channel Modifiers can be lscripts. At a guess, I imagine they are executed whenever a keyframe is made or a frame is advanced.

I was wondering if a Motion Modifier could also be a script, of either variety. Where would this be covered in the documentation? :stumped:


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One thing to keep in mind, though...

Unless you have virtual studio LIVE on, scripted motion modifiers will not update until the frame advances. Same problem with nodal motion modifiers.

One dirty hack is to put an empty(it does nothing) follower on the hierarchy, using an item that updates. That forces Layout to update the motion modifiers.

Of course, this may change in LW 2017... but as this bug has been around since 10.0... doubtful.


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I had this issue when trying to make a target++ modifier - I wanted switchable poles and targets, a la PLG IK, which broke in the 10 cycle, but had the damndest time getting it to work properly, because of the lack of immediate, visual feedback. Had the same issues with nodal motion and channel modifiers.
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