can I sell original aura v 1.0 ?


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I just got the replacement dongle for my copy of aura.
I have a lightwave dongle installed in the parallel port, and the aura dongle can not fit on top of it as far as it should, so aura does not recognize the dongle and quits after starting.
Is it possible to sell my version of aura ?
legit including the original cd v 1, manual and dongle ?
I am resigned to using photoshop.
I would love to sell my legit aura to raise money for Sasquatch.
I do not need aura anymore, and I would love to buy Sasquatch
from Worley.

Thanks !!!



'the write stuff'
If it's a legit registered copy, I'm sure you should be free to transfer ownership. You should talk to Customer Service to confirm.

[I feel like I should caution that 1.0 may not support the LiveSet plugin, for anyone who might have that in mind.]
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