Can’t get the specified span of animation to playback accurately


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Already posted this in the Director forum, but perhaps someone here has some insight...

In my Lightwave 3D file all of my assets were animated at 30 frames per second, then I exported a .w3d. In Director I am converting the frame spans to milliseconds (nMilliseconds = nFrames * 1000 / 30) and then using play() to play the desired span.

However, the span that I am trying to play doesn’t always get played. For example, there is a portion of animation between 4000 and 7000 milliseconds that I want to play, however when I use those values the animation that is played is from either earlier or later (not sure which) in the .w3d’s timeline. Is my conversion off, or is there something about playback that I am missing?


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I wouldn't actually know, but I'm guessing perhaps it is something like Flash, where when you are not using whole seconds the program rounds up or down occasionally. Again I don't know for sure specifically in Director, but its a possibility.


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I had issues with playback settings before with animations that have been exported and in am empty world it was fine.

The solutions seemed to be to call .resetWorld() on the member containing the animation before you import it.

Other things to try are manually pausing the animation and resetting the time before playing it but it sounds like you are already doing that.


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Thanks for both of your responses. There were two issues:

I needed to clear the playList before playing the desired span, otherwise the left over animation in the playList will execute after the desired span has played.

The other problem seemed to blending. I turned it off and everything seems to snap to where it's supposed to now.
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