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Anyone have an instruction sheet for the Calibar? In the process of moving, I have located mine but haven't located the power supply yet. I don't want to plug the wrong one into it!

If no instruction sheet is available, can anyone share what the voltage and amps should be for the power supply? Also, what batteries does it take for portability?

Any help appreciated!


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The booklet says:

Power: DC Input, 3.45 mm (0.136 inch) connector
Range: 4-7 volt
Polarity: Positive center

My power supply says 5v DC, 100mA.


'the write stuff'
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Very welcome, Tim. If you need anything more technical, TS could probably help.
It was nothing fancy, I just cut one of our the spare USB cables here and attached USB pin 1 to the center pin of the 3.45 mm connector and USB pin 4 to the sleeve of the connector.

Great for testing Tricaster connections on the Field. too bad there isn't a s-video or component.

I will post a pic when I make it more presentable..
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