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I have a Calibar that I carry with me in a video kit for use on TV and Films that I work on. I just pulled it outta my kit and tried to use it and it doesnt seem to wanna put a signal out. I dont use it all the time but I dont think im doing anything wrong.

Im currious if anyone has experienced this and if so what they did to get it to work again. The lights come on with two presses of the button and I hit the button a few times to cycle but no image is displayed. I have swapped cables and even put it into a scope.

What to do? Is there a place to get these repaired? Does Newtek still offer any assistance with this product?

I hope someone has some input in this ghostown of a section called Calibar.

fingers crossed.



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More Calibar help

I have a calibar which I swear by. It too has now failed due to some un-blocked DC on some RF feeds I was testing. Any way I am trying to find somewhere to have mine repaired as well. I know Wohler is making a similar product, but costing a lot more. I had thought of contacting them for the possiblity of fixing mine.
Any ideas would be welcome.

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All you have to do is give our friendly tech support dept a call, they are open from 9-30am to 5:30pm CST Monday - Friday 210-341-8444. They will issue an RMA# all you pay is shipping to send it in. We ship it back to you in the same manner you shipped it to us, so if you overnight it to us we overnight it back.


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Zane is correct we are more than happy to help get you a RMA number.:agree: All we will need is your Name, Address, Phone NUmber, and Serial Number if you happen to have it. Just give us a call.


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Excellent! I had emailed Newtek support some time ago,but since I never heard back, I wasn;t sure if was still supported. This is great!
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