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Hello, is there anyone who can tell me where I can get Aura so that I can build custom Tricaster transitional elements. I understand that this is what I need in order to make my animated transitional peices work for the Tricaster.

is Aura still avaiable for purchase?


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Aura is bundled with VT[5] but it is not the only way. Lightwave can also create a transition but it does have a steep learning curve. Also the LW process is a lot more work as you need to compile the transition using a dos based program. I use both and the difference is, if it is just a wipe, I use Aura. If the video is going to move/warp, then this can only be done in Lightwave. Lightwave can also do a wipe if that is all you have.

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Dear Friend:

If you are interested I have one copy of aura 1.0 standalone,
including the dongle, cd with software and manuals+2 tutorial videos.
Is all in brand new condition and we can transfer the license thru Newtek.
If you are interested send me a PM with your offer.
Love !!!



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Not to rain on your parade or anything, but just to be safe - if memory serves the DVE plugin requires Aura 2.x .
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