[BUG?] Layout 2018.0.7: Plugin list is always locked.


Electron wrangler
I'm wondering if any other Mac users can confirm the following behavior:

With Layout 2018.0.7 (I don't see the same behavior with 2018.0.6), even after fresh launch or clear scene, any attempt to delete existing third-party plugins (haven't tried native plugins, but Master list is empty, nothing in scene, so command-type plugins shouldn't be locked in any case), 100% reliably yields a "Plugin list is locked" message. I've been unable to use "Delete" command in Edit Plugins at any point while Layout is running, it always gives the "Plugin list is locked" message.

Anyone else seeing similar on Mac? Apparently Win Layout 2018.0.7 isn't exhibiting the same behavior.

I'll file a bug if I can get confirmation of the misbehavior.


ack ack
Just tried it....I was able to delete Syflex plugin no problem.
Running High Sierra here.
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