Bug in 2018?


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Hello everybody,

I try to describe an issue that I have running in.

I describe what I have done:

created a cylinder circle x-z, length y
pressed F2 to center it
copyed the cylinder
selected a new layer
pasted the cylinder
rotated it by 90 degrees on the z axis
selected the layer of the first cylinder as foreground
selected the layer of the rotated cylinder as background
done a boolean (UNIFORM) the first issue is that the boolean operation did not work as propper as in 2015
selected the 4 disc-faces and deleted them
selected all points that are below the z middle of the boolean object in the x-z view
deleted them
did a flip of all faces
than I tried to move around the so created object and suddenly there appeared some strange faces, this faces appear on a move of the object an from thereon they are constant they are best viewed in a perspevtive view

I hope my description is understandable.

My question noww is:
Is this a bug, or did I something wrong. If I did something wrong, than please give me a hint on what I did wrong.

Maybe this thread is wrong placed here... sorry for that.

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If I rebuild the object and using soliddrill (TUNNEL) insted of boolean (UNIFORM) the object also gets the strange faces during move around. Directly after the creation of the object all seams to be well. After flipping the faces all seams well. But on moving the object, the strange faces appear.

At the moment it looks like there is an issue withe the Modeler and boolean operations. I hope someone of the lightwave gods looks on this problem.

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Hi BeeVee,

no, I have not used the Feedback Agent because I can not clearly define where the problem is. At the Moment my favorite are the boolean operations, but it seams that some changes also made on the handling of Points respective Polygons. The reason why I'am think so ist, that after the drills everthing Looks fine, the strange faces first appears on moving the object around. But what I can definitivly say is, that the booleans in 2015 give better results than in 2018.

If you whant to look at the issues, you can download the nuArchitect bundle and run for example
and you can see strange faces with nuSockets in the text-parts. But text-parts sometimes give under 2015 strange faces too.
I see, that you are a developer with lightwave, so please give me instructions of what you Need, so I can give you the things you Need.
If you are interrested, I can give you the scripts which I have worked around. In this scripts the parts which work wrong are edited and as far as I can say it works (at least for my scripts). Maybe this gives you an idea of what is going on.

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They want you to send in all of that info as that is the only way to get it looked at and fixed.

Third party stuff, they will tell you, is the responsibility of the author.



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Excellent, thank you Kanuso. It really is the best way, and this way if the report is not clear you can exchange information directly with the development team.



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Today I installed the update 2018.0.2

I checked the issue with a script I wrote to do so.

Congratulations, the LW-Gods made it. It seems that the problem is solved. No more missing faces, no more strange appearing faces.

Thank you, well (and fast) done!

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