Browser based client for NDI stream ?


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I have a requirement in an app (user display of real-time sensor/telemetry) to show real-time video alongside the data. The problem is that the app is showing the data inside a sandboxed Chromium and i can't find anything in the javascript world that would be capable of showing NDI video in a HTML5 control.

Anyone seen anything ?

Thanks ... Andy


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It's not direct NDI, but I have a web application that will pull video (not audio) sources from a TriCaster input or output into a web browser. Not sure if that might work. Connect Pro offers a feature like this as well, the 'NDI Connect Webserver' feature.

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I do not think that there's the possibility to find a Javascript implementation because someone needs to reimplement the whole NDI stack. I think the only way to get native NDI support in the browser is if NewTek creates a WebAssembly ( Version of their NDI library, but I doupt that this will happen any time soon.


Sienna ND Processing Engine which includes WebLink and also SiennaLink Web.
Both provide web browser based super low latency monitoring of NDI Streams (via an intermediate server, of course).

SiennaLink Web offers audio and video. WebLink is video only.
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