Brand new TC1 and TS4000 - not happy together

Bruce A Johnson

New member
Hi all! I just last week replaced my TC460 (adios Windows 7) with a TC1. I'm enjoying it for the most part, but have run into an annoying bug - the signal out of the Talkshow in the TC1 is horribly jumpy and out of sync. The TC1 is on the same static IP as it's predecessor, and I can make mostly clean and in-sync recordings directly out of the Talkshow (a lifesaver for my non-live shows, but not so useful for live.)

I confess to being an NDI newbie, but I'm dipping my toe in. The network in our office is basically deserted right now, since almost everyone but me is at home. I know this post might be a bit light on detail, but are there any TC/TS4000 NDI best practices I might have missed?

Thanks in advance -
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