Bored at work!


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Great to see this forum!

A quick doodle at work....a landscape perhaps, I titled it The Shallow....maybe I feel trapped!

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Graham Toms
Do you work in an architects office? It reminds me of an architectural concept drawing. I was looking for a book to quote the individual to you but I can not seem to find it right this moment, which is frustrating.


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Yep work in an architects office at the moment, doing the visualizations and stuff...I studied architecture but I'm trying to shift into the 3D concept side, I'd love to get into digital set design for film....I've posted a few things over at spin quad but under the name of coco (coco been used here so I went for goldfinger)! I love environmental concept art and i'm a big fan of Syd Mead, awsome perspectives!
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cat servant
yeah know how you feel!
just started a new j.o.b. having had 9 months off from 'going to work' [been f reelance for 2007]

at least your not pushing your pen/pencil HARD onto the paper ...yet!
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