Bones not functioning in Shockwave


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I exported a simple animated object that used bones and the part animated with bones did not function after Shockwave export. I have used Plasma to export Shockwave animations that used bones and they functioned correctly. What's up, does the Lightwave Shockwave support bones or not?


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Yes exporting bones with lightwave to shockwave is possible, you can search further back in this forum to other threads in which myself and other people have written examples/help on how to do it.

Quickly though, plasma used character studio type thing and well tbh honest exports totally fine from max/plasma. However in oightwave it needs to be done slightly differently. You need to bake any IK to keyframes you may have and get rid of any goals etc. Also each bone can only use one weight map. Also only one vertice/point can only have one weight map applied. For the bones to deform the mesh tho on export you need to have a weight map.

Hope that helps!
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