Bone Weight Fall Off & Mesh Deformations


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When creating weights, I like a little bit off fall-off and some overlapping weights. I don't think that this is supported in director, but the documentation seems old. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, I have a need for mesh deformation, using morph targets. It seems like this isn't supported either. The work around seems to be to bring in a series of deformations (tweened objects). Can anyone confirm this either?

As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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Weights- Preliminary tests indicate that varying levels of bone influence affect the verteces properly. We tested this on a simple object with two bones and the desired affect translated into director fine.
We plan on testing this with a fully rigged character in the future.

Mesh Deformation-
One process is to File> Save> Save Trans Object... for each deformation seen on the timeline, export a w3d for each object and replace object files in director to play mesh sequences. This is a tedious process, so if anyone has more efficient way of doing this, I'd love to hear about it.
Also you can manipulate the vertex list in Director through code.

Is there a way to export the vertex list from LightWave for each frame of a Mesh deformaton?
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You are right, the W3D format does not support soft-deformation.

To create "soft" deformation with bones in ShockWave, I have used extra bones that only affect the in-between vertecies that would normally have say 50% weight applied. So in an elbow joint I have two bones, one for the actual lower arm and one for the few vertecies on the backside of the elbow.

If you are planning to have an animated face, you can do the same thing, just assign a bone to groups of vertecies and then control them by the bones. Check out this character animation:


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I checked out your examples. They look pretty good. So it appears the solution is to deform meshes through bones and control bones (for more subtle controllers).

I still wish that I could export my mesh deforms for blinks, phenomes, or crazy-wicked mesh deforms. If anyone comes across or develops and Xtra that can handle mesh deforms from LightWave, I would become very excited.

I appreciate all of the help and interest in this subject.


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I am working on a moprh in director just now. In thoery it seems to work but still need to try and get it working for definite,

Will keep ya posted
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