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Wondering how many people are using DVD Architect Pro that comes with Vegas for authoring BluRay?

Can get a good deal on Vegas 9 with Architect and the Pioneer burner right now.

I know about DVD Lab Pro, but I think the Vegas deal is better, and of course Encore. Problem with it is you can't buy it separately.

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Yes, that's the deal I was referring to. I've also looked at TMPG's authoring software.

I don't really need Vegas, but I don't think you can purchase the authoring software separately and the price is not too bad since you also get the burner also.

Either one of these options seems better than paying a fortune to Adobe just to get Encore.

Really would like to know what folks think about DVD Architect, but must not be anyone here using it. Seems like Eugene may have used it, but I'm not sure. I really miss seeing his postings on this board.



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I too miss Eugene, greatly.

I use DVDArchitect but not for BluRay - or I'd have replied by now for you. As nobody else has, I'll give my perspective.

Note - The fact that Videoguys explain their bundle isn't an OEM version of VegasPro+DVDA is particularly useful. As usually you aren't entitled (but you may still be able) to upgrade 'included with kit' versions

DVDArchitect lets you create for DVD and BluRay within the same session and environment. Also, you can simply dump to BluRay from Vegas if you wish to use this rotational medium as you may have used tape before.

What you don't get with DVDArchitect is access to the full scope of everything possible with BluRay. For complex work you may get more from Adobe, Apple etc. DVDA does cover many of the more useful aspects though. Sony is so large it does compete with itself but yet may never extend DVDArchitect to the capabilities it has in Sony Blu-Print. Blu-Print is also from Sony Creative Software so there is even less opportunity for a mistake.

Expect to be able to use DVDArchitect but to not really stretch the compressor or the multimedia aspects of your deliverable. These are early generation authoring tools, IMHO.

Eugene would indeed have had a more useful contribution to make to this thread. But he was wanted ~elsewhere~ and has been taken from us. This thread is left waiting for another talented individual to contribute to really take it forward. .........Oh, what a year......

Pete Draves

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I have had very good luck with Encore.
Very full featured in standard mode and as a Blu Ray authoring tool it seems to stand against with all other software.

If you ever had a registered copy of premiere you can get The premiere suite for the upgrade cost.

You can use one of the many menus that come bundled with the suite or if you have Photoshop you can create your own.

I have made many Blu Ray discs for corporate use and all have been happy with the quality.



Thanks for the info. I never owned Premiere so I can't upgrade at a lower cost. DVD Architect may work for me. I'm sure I would never do anything real complicated, like I'm sure you can do with Blu-print. Haven't had any request to do anything in Blu-Ray at this point. I would just like to start playing around with it so I'll know how when I need to. With Architect, I would still like to encode with TMPG. In doing some searching you may be able to purchase DVD Architect 4.5 for $39.95 (I think) and then upgrade to the Pro 5.0 for free. If anyone knows this to be true, let me know.




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DVD Architect 4.5 for $40 is, by virtue of it being made available separate from Sony Vegas is almost certainly going to be DVD Architect Studio 4.5. This is the consumer oriented edition.

One of the best ways of getting the keenest price is apparently to call the sales desk and describe your interest as being a cross-conversion. Sometimes aided by purchasing someone an old edition from a retailer or by buying someone elses copy. Occasionally I've had it describe to me that you can buy an old license from someone who has since upgraded it. Although that is stretching the agreement and seems to be more about Sony (Madison) giving goodwill.

If you can buy a previously unregistered/unactivated/properly transferred but not-already-upgraded copy of Sony Vegas Studio for a good price (or any one of Vegas Movie Studio, Screenblast Movie Studio, VideoFactory, or Vegas LE software to Vegas Pro 9 software) then you may have more weight behind you to get the better price. At least the customer services are known to be empowered to make commercial decisions on the fly.

Otherwise, there are bundle offers (as mentioned earlier) you are about to buy a:

BluRay Writer
RAID-3 Array/enclosure
AJA Xena LHi (that usually have better drivers than the BMD counterparts, especially for Sony Creative products, YMMV)
or a Sony Pro (XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD etc) camcorder then there are bundled offers (the Sony Pro cameras don't give much mention of this software being thrown in when you read the literature, so check with your dealer whether the license is still provided and onwardly upgradable etc).

Some are currently listed via this URL
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