Black and White Line Art for Parts and Assembly manuals


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I've been looking for a way to render simple, clean line art of an item to be used for a print and digital parts and assembly manual. At first I thought I'd have to render the views I wanted then retrace in Adobe Illustrator but found the Edges Tab under the Object Properties panel in Layout. This ROCKS!! I could hardly believe it after investigating toon and cell shaders and all the complexity.

Here's a simple starter that got me going. Seems super simple to post here but I couldn't find instructions anywhere specifically for this need so I'm hopefully filling the gap with "Line Art" in the title.

1. Object color set to White, Luminosity 100%, Diffuse 0%
2. In Layout set the background to White
3. In each object/layers properties panel go to the Edges tab
4. Start turning on the different kinds of edges with your VPR on

Different combos give different output obviously but you'll quickly see how the object layers, surfaces and creases can help control the results.


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WOW! Thank you for this! you have no idea how you just saved my hide. I was already fiering up Illustrator to sit down to a very tedious all nighter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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