Bit of audio advice needed for a 6 x way Skype set up for a conference


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hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can help me out on a setup i am working on for an upcoming live event. I usually work with a freelance audio guy who handles it all for me, but the client has said due to budget they will be using the in house tech and his desk instead, so i need to use my own brain on this one!


- Main presenter on stage with guests doing presentations + q&A in a usual conference set up
- Segment where he/she will call up 6 live Skype callers on screen at once and then go to them with individual questions


- Need the house sound desk to be able to send presenter + panel audio out to the auditorium as well as the individual Skype callers
- Need to be able to record/stream all this output from my TC1 with all the above audio on the broadcast
- Got an ME set up with a 6 screen split and am now at the point of thinking about macros for showing them full screen + controlling audio and want to check what's the best way to proceed


- 1 x TC1 with the 2 Skype channels built in
- 1 x VS4000 TalkShow
- 1 x TriCaster 460 with advanced edition if needed
- Sound desk - No Dante


- Seen the great matrix set up by Kane posted on here for the mix minus on the vs4000 ins and outs, but the main struggle in my head is where is the best place for the majority of the routing to be done for this project. Is it better for me to do it all/as much as possible through the TC1 and just send a main XLR output feed to the desk for the pa, or is it easier for me to send aux channels back to the desk and let it be done that way before having the feed sent back? Got a clear day today to test and platy with it and sure given enough time and coffee i'll come round to figuring out an option, but if anyone has any experience of this sort of set up and can take a minute to point me in the right direction i'd really appreciate it!

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