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Octane site is a bit crap, struggled to find what version of LW is supported with the plugin, appears to be 2015.
You can install the standalone Octane X from the app store.


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Yeah I have that installed, but not sure what I can do with it; can I export a FBX scene from lightwave and load that? Guess I need to just look more into it. I just got my W6800X Duo and it grinds out with Octane pretty damn good; which is kind of why I am curious.


I've been considering trying the Octane LW plugin version, but i find the Otoy website seriously confusing. I emailed them asking how to purchase just the LW plugin, not the stand alone or all the other stuff. Bad news is you can't any more. Good news is you don't need to. In many cases, such as me with an iMacPro/Vega64 and no extra external GPU, it's free. Here's the whole email they sent with the info.

thanks for contacting us.

From some time now, it is no more possible to purchase a single plugin.
All OctaneRender licenses includes Standalone and all DCC plug-in, including C4D or Maya,LightWave, or OctaneX, EmberGen, and ORC/RNDR render cloud services (render credits need to be purchased separately).

But for macOS Metal, it is possible to download and install OctaneX PR11 for Big Sur 11.6 Free Prime plugins, available at OTOY shop page, for:

  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya
  • Houdini
  • LightWave
  • SketchUp
  • Blender
  • Unreal

They are limited to max 1x GPU, and it requires Big Sur 11.3 with an AMD GPU or Intel SkyLake GPU (Apple M1 GPU support is considered beta/experimental)

Then visit the following link to accept the software agreement, and to activate the free Prime license:

The Prime tier is free for at least all of 2021. The expiration date that you see is a rolling expiration date, so it will continue to automatically extend itself as needed.

All the Octane versions have the same features, but:

  • Prime versions are limited to max 1x GPU, without Net render and Offline mode, and updated less frequently
  • Studio versions are limited to max 2x GPUs, without Net render and Offline mode
  • Enterprise versions have no limitations
A new Prive version supporting macOS Monterey 12 is on the go, and will be published shortly.


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Thank you for the reply. Once things slow down a bit; I will have more time to check it out.


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Additional to this, you can download the standalone Octane X from the Mac App Store for free.
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