Best Way to do Rigging for Unity 3D


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I wanted to create some animated characters to use in a game being developed with Unity 3D.

I know a bit about using bones in Lightwave, but have never done rigging.

I started to look at some videos but was a bit confused about which method is best.

From what I understand so far I see I can do more manual FK and IK type bone rigging set ups, and then there is also option of using Genoma, and I am seeing a third option to use Lightwave's IK Boost system.

Can someone advise on which type of rigging is best suited for creating characters with animation to use in Unity 3D games?


Hi I know the post is old but since nobody replayed let me give you some advice.

FK and IK both can be used in the same character, for the legs and arms it's better to use IK chains.

With the exception of FK being used with IK for the arms sometimes when you want to animate the arms precisely so try switching between FK/IK whichever is best for your animating situation.

Gnoma can help but using the regular rigging tools can teach how to rig.

To create a rig respect Hierarchy, set Constraints, and setup Controllers.

Hierarchy: parent/child relationship of bones and also objects.

Constraints: limiting the movement of bones by limits their rotation.

Controllers: controlling bones or IK target by other objects.

You can learn rigging in Maya and translate your knowledge to LightWave or you can learn rigging in LightWave there are alot of old and new resources some are books or videos on YouTube

Unity uses an animation system that you can use by setting up the start frame and end frame for an animation clip. So in LightWave make the walk animation from say frame 1 to 30 and run animation from frame 40 to 60 in unity you create animation clips by setting the walk clip from frame 1-30 and the run clip from frame 40-60 and so on.

Export as FBX then import in Unity.

To understand more please read the documentation of the animation system in Unity.
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Since we're on the subject...

What is the best way in LW to get an FBX character that's been imported into LW that was exported from Daz 3D to work with IK chains that it created in the FBX export? I can't seem to figure it out or get it to work? I don't want to have to re-rig the character from scratch!!
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