Best way to create looping mocap?


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I've been playing about trying to find a way to turn a mocap walk into a walk cycle. So far the best I've come up with is to isolate the frames that will form the loop, then copy all the keys in the first frame to the last frame, then delete the keys from 5 frames before the end, so it transitions without a jump. It's a bit of a lo tech solution though and not that great. I've seen people do this in motion builder, which has weighted animation layers, but is there a more refined way directly in Lightwave?


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I did it with motion mixer: after processing the nevron-rig I load the mocap (BVH), if necessary delete z- and x-channel of the hip (all other bones rotate only) so that the mocap moves on place. I isolate the looping-frames plus 7 to 10 additional for the transition. Open Motion-Mixer, select all BVH-Objects, create actor in MM, select all bones of BVH-object, add to actor in MM -> actor is complete. Now produce motion by selecting the loop- plus additional frames. Be aware of the 'delete keyframe -tick' - maybe you need them again. Now you can add the motions by overlapping the additional frames and add a transition. You can to do this as often you need it. Now retarget. Ready. Save scene and if necessary export MDD. A little bit complicated but Motion Mixer makes nice transitions and this is the only way for me to produce longer walk cycles in my small room with the Kinect. Hope that helped.
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