Best practice for quad-shot lower thirds?

Hi folks!

Just curious how you all are handling lower thirds for multi cam shots. Basically if you have three to four people on screen at once (like in a Zoom call), what are your best practices for adding lower thirds?

I mix my PIPs in an ME. This gives me up to 8 on an ME but I usually tap out at 4 people on screen. I then use the KEYs as a place to put the lower thirds for names and such below each speaker. I can then use the DSKs for crawls and other items if needed. If I need more I will do 8 PIPs in an ME and then handle lower thirds via New Blue Titler Live and bring the titles in via NDI. I use the broadcast edition and can fire as many titles as I need.
Thanks STP!
We are using NDI to feed them in, but wanted to see what others are doing. Always trying to reduce the number of outboard components whenever possible (while still maintaining enough backup solutions just in case)!
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