Basic stuff Lightwave users should know, but are not-so-obvious

LWM: Renaming Layers: don't double click in the Layers Panel

LWM: Renaming Layers

If you have a bunch of layers selected, double clicking on the layer in the (incredibly lame, weak, and poorly thought-out :( :devil: ) Layers Panel will destroy your selection as it opens a dialog to rename the layers.

Instead, use the LAYER SETTINGS function in the Layers tab to rename your layer. This preserves your possibly complex layer selection, saving time.
Not sure if this was mentioned in this thread already, but here's one from a William Vaughan vid:

Make rotating an eye in its socket easier by using Action Center Selection mode (since it automatically uses the selected object's center as the pivot point).
A few more:

The Flakes node texture lines up with the veins, crust, crackle, and crumple textures at the same scale.

Entering a negative value for an image map's scale will flip the image on that axis.

The "Flare to Alpha" image filter also adds the LW Glow effect to the alpha channel.

You can create a wax texture by using the "Fast Skin" node and setting both Epidermis Distance and Subdermis Distance to very high values relative to the size of the object you've modeled.
And to hide floating windows in Layout, hit Tab...


That one is a default shortcut is perhaps something I should change, in order to have more consistency with operations in modeler and layout, which means toggle subpatch..maybe.
In layout I am already used to use tab of course, and I think everyone is in more need to use hide windows and toggle them on ..more so than toggle subpatch on off in layout.

That is not to say the default shortcut is good, I think when Lightwave was made..they should have changed to something else anyway and go for the consistency with shortcuts in modeler and layout, same with surfacing ..which is different.

But I got a solution, just merge the apps. :)
Believe it or not, I used lightwave for a little over a year before I discovered mouse menus. I guess its the fact that the average user will only really ever discover these by accident, and even the inclusion of the "mouse menus" in the "edit menus" don't really clue in users as to what they are referring to (they should should be labeled like "CTRL+Shift Left Mouse Menu" so people aren't guessing).

I know i've mentioned these in various other tutorials i've done... but alas, I feel users need to be aware and I don't consider it an obvious thing.

Years and years using Lightwave and i did not know that xD
Great thread-- here's a shout out for:

The SE Item Selector master plugin (and control Q to bring up the master plugin menu). Has all the selection features of the Scene Editor without the Properties and Dope Editor panels-- so you can scale it down and leave it in a corner of your screen.
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