Backup Drive FireXpress 350 usb2 Any good?


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I'm checking here because I can't find a single review or test on the web so far for the FireXpress 350 USB2 /Firewire 3.5 IDE enclosure. Thanks in advance, Dix.

Looking for an economical way to backup my Medea Raid 120.

Does this look any good? FireXpress 350 USB2/ Firewire
The prices are U$98 to $128.00 for the enclosure.
Then install your own drive. A couple 200GB IDEs to swap out of the enclosure seem perfect for quick backup and cleaning off my RAID 120.

Provides IDE to FireWire and IDE to USB 2.0 conversion in one kit

Supports 3.5” sized IDE devices

Supports IDE ATA100/66 protocol

Large Drive Support; works with 200GB and higher hard drive

Tri-FireWire ports for daisy-chaining FireWire devices; uninterrupted FireWire repeater (works in USB mode and power-off mode)

Transfer Rate: Up to 400Mb/sec FireWire; 480Mb/sec USB 2.0

Hot-swapping capability (Including between USB and FireWire)

Easy installation, no jumper or ID setting

Stylish White Schemed Enclosure

Compatible with Windows98SE/Me/2000/XP and MacOS 8.6/9.x/X


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I used a different, but similar sysytem from Professional Video and Sound, or
200 Gig IDE drives make for a decent and cheap backup.
I'm waiting for the larger ones though before buying my third one.
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