Back From the Grave?


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According to the press release Inspire wasn't so much killed as placed into suspended animation while they tried to find a cure for what ailed it. Or it was dead and they've done some voodoo incantations over it so that it is clawing its way out of the grave.

Anyway, the entry level 3d program from Lightwave is back. While this is good news, there isn't much information about what limitations they are going to put on it but they better not be too tight.

Resolution for one, with the impending release of the Panasonic AG-HVX200 for $6000 we are looking at video being 1920x1080 in the edit. While there will be some hangers on, the days of 720x480 are few indeed. If there is a hard ceiling to the resolution it should be at least 1920x1080 and has to be at least 1280x720.

As well, Newtek has to keep in mind that one of Inspire's more serious competitors may end up being a game engine. If you look at what Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 can do today and what we are looking forward to with the Unreal Engine 3 combined with UnrealEd... this time next year will see some serious 3d creation coming out of a game engine.

Ease of use could be the deciding factor here but they can't limit the program too much. I realize that they don't want to cannibalize the Lightwave market and so Inspire will have to be feature truncated, it is just a matter of which features and by how much. I signed up for the open beta program in the hopes that I can help find that balance point.

Clint Johnson
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