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I have two Panasonic AG-HPX500 broadcast cameras for sale. Both are in excellent condition. I've been in production for 25 years, and these are the best cameras I have ever worked with in their class ($20k-$30k). These are high definition, widescreen, 2/3" three chip cameras.

I'm selling them both for a total of $15,000. They each include 3 64gig P2 cards (for a total of 6). I will include a free bogen fluid head tripod for each of them. Both cameras have a really nice Portabrace softcase.

The package comes with a P2 card reader, and an Anton Bauer battery charger with 3 batteries. The batteries each last about 3 hours. With each camera using 3 P2 cards, and each with a battery.... you can go for over six hours without having to plug in. The charger station will charge two batteries simultaneously.

Please let me know if interested. We are a production company in business for over 20 years. These cameras are top notch, but we just don't use them enough to keep around. This is a really good deal, and the cameras are in prime condition.

These cameras work exceptionally well with SpeedEdit!

If you want images and more details, please let me know. Thanks! I can also sell these separately if needed.


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Camera images

Camera Package for sale:

2 Panasonic AG-HPX500 high definition cameras
6 P2 Cards (E Series, 64 gigs)
3 Anton Bauer batteries
1 P2 card reader (reads 5 cards at a time)
2 Extremely nice Portabrace soft cases
1 Battery charging station (charges 2 batteries at once)

All of the above is in like-new condition. Asking $15k.

I will include 2 free Bogen Fluid head tripods. Good condition, not like-new, but solid, well balanced, sturdy tripods.

A few pictures I grabbed of one of the cameras today...



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We're eager to move this gear. It's all in excellent and even like-new condition.

Both cameras, all the extra stuff: $12,500. Please get back to me with your interest. Thanks!


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A few more images...

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