Audio will not load into Ulead. so sad


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More problems with this sad sad sotware. AVI wrapper does not work so I render my project into a dv type 2 file -12 db and render it in tmpeg. When I load that tmpeg file into Ulead, audio will not load, says'file mismatch". Any help with this useless software would be greatful. Working with uncpmpressed video and I have to render to dv! So so so sad. My friend has Apples DVD movie or I DVD and the preset menus are incredible. Blows Ulead out of the water and it was only $79 which included other software. I'm just about ready to bail on this system.


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might be FP or Quad issues. use 48.1 16bit stereo if you have a choice with DV render, I don't remember...


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Can anyone help with this audio issue?, & why doesn't the AVI wrapper work. All I ever heard (pre VT3)from Newtek was this great AVI wrapper blah blah blah. Newtek, can you show me how it works please. Why is it cheap cheap software can do mpeg encoding without a problem and I have this kick ahs system and can not do a simple DVD without multiple problems everytime I try to burn a DVD?

Thanks in advance for the help. Newtek you have the weekend to come up with something to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Please help or be honest and tell us it does not work but we will fix it soon.

Johnny :mad:


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hey Johnny, VT likes :) , ;)
I don't know what your problem is with wrapped project files and DVDWS, but I can assure you that wrapped ones here are fine and should be there too if you do it right.

If I were you, I'd try something really simple to be sure you can do it and not waste a lot more time with this. This will also serve to possibly id something else being troublesome on your timeline. So,
Do the files/ Project saveas - choosing the .avi file type and path/nameofyourchoice.
In DVDWS load that file, being sure it's the .avi (and not the undo file ! with the .avi.VTP extender) I say this because I just walked another newbie thru this and that was his error. Also be sure the audio user level is -12db. otherwise it'll be too hot in DVDWS.
Good luck. Don :D


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might be FP or Quad issues. use 48.1 16bit stereo if you have a choice with DV render, I don't remember...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. After rendering & rerecording in every format available in VT4.6 for an hour and a half I did a search in this wonderful forum. Did I say Thanks?

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Quad as the default was not good.
And that one can't set a profile/preset/default so as to keep all of your ins and outs as you please is maddening.

AVI wrapper works if you make sure you are feeding the host app the right things. Those guys said it right above; give their advice a shot and tell us how well it work.
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