Audio issues with Master 1 and Aux 1


I have a bit of a quandary that no one I have talked to can figure out and it is definitely within the realm of possibility that I have a hardware issue.

I have a Tricaster 860. Updated to latest software just yesterday.
The audio config is this.
Connection #1 is set to Master 1, 2. That output feeds our arena.
Connection #2 is set to Aux 1, 2. This feeds the Teradek encoder that sends our feed to the web stream. Just to note, I have no issues with the video, just audio.

The play-by-play announcer comes in on channel 1. Input is set to Line and Follow Program is not selected. Channel 1's audio is set to Aux 1. During testing, I have someone talk into the PxP mic and I can hear them in the local speakers plugged in to the head phone jack and I see levels on channel 1 as well as aux 1. But, no audio is going out the stream. I call our streaming provider in Chicago and he confirms he does not hear anything. BUT... if I change the output to Master 1, the sounds goes out the arena as well as the stream. Obviously the PxP audio going out the arena during the game is bad.

Last night I facetimed with the guy that taught our team how to use the 860. He looked at all the settings and surmised they all looked correct (causing me lean slightly toward hardware issue). If anyone has any suggestions or solutions - solutions would be great - for me, please let me know.


Would love to know if you solved this problem. Curious why you're using a Teradek encoder to stream to the web rather than streaming from the 860 directly?
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