audio is off when rendering


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i recently finished a video in toaster edit and rendered it out to uncompressed video without a problem. i then went in and gave the video a couple extra seconds of blank space at the end and now when i render the video, the audio plays about two seconds earlier than it should. the perplexing thing is that the project plays fine in Toaster Edit, but it's when i render the file that the audio is shifted. what can i do to fix this?



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Are you saving it out as a new file with audio and video selected? I'd try that giving the file a new name.


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figured it out

i found out that the problem had to do with the audio compression (obviously). i was rendering the audio at 44.1 which was causing me problems and when i changed it to 48 the audio was spot on again. however, i don't understand why changing the audio sample rate should effect the timing of the audio itself. is it a problem with my computer or something that should be expected?


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Maybe your Toaster is trying to tell you that it only like 48k audio.;) They get so picky at times.
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