Audio driven lag

I setup a very simple scene using point info (in the nodal motion editor), then in the nodal displacement, weight map on a rectangular column shape moving in the y axis via an audio clip. Cloning the base shape onto a grid create an audio driven block of colomns. I used a turbulence texture (world coordinate) on the top to randomize the Y motion of my audio driven columns. Now, what I'd like instead of using the turbulence, would be to offset the audio driven animation based on the clone index. Say, the first column is index 0, no offset, the second = index 1, 1 frame offset, the third clone = index 2, 2 frames offset. etc. You've got the idea. I tried to connect the index with the frames nodes to control the audio offset based on each clone specific ID but so far, no success.

Any help or advice would be awesome.

Thank you

Well, after messing around with nodes, It becomes easier everyday to solve little problems like this one.
2 ways depending from the situation: Using DP boolean to hide and reveal a column made of dashes mapped with a gradient from green to red. The boolean mesh moves up and down based on the audio (had to clamp to 0 to one) , made several columns like this and used the good old follower to offset the motion , giving a wave like progression to the audio levels display.

The more general approach with nodes was really simple once I figured It out.

Audio Equalizer.jpg
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