Audio Delay and Lost Skype Guest


We had a show tonight where the guest (MacBook Air) was at the end of a Century Link connection and had 2-3 Mbps down and less than that up. His audio never cutout, but the video would frequently lag behind and then periodically catch up. There were other times during the show when his video was severely delayed. We tried to get him in sync with the audio delay in the TriCaster, but overall his show was pretty bad.

We also had another caller, during the same show, in another location, where their Skype return froze and we lost their video. They weren't able to call us nor were we able to call them back until after they rebooted their Windows 10 PC.

Both callers are running the latest versions of Skype and we are running the latest TalkShow, Skype TX Control and channel versions.

Was anyone else on Skype tonight who experienced problems? Just curious if it was a Microsoft/Skype issue or isolated bandwidth/network related. We had two streams going to FB Live and neither of them had a hiccup. The other possibility is that the TalkShow recognized that the video was getting too far behind and then would catch up. We only added 4ms of delay so that the audio wouldn't be ahead of the video but are seeing at least 13ms of delay in the edited version where we're making corrrections. The audio and video in the TalkShow were always spot on.

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My understanding from support is that this is a Microsoft bug that has been identified and will be fixed in a future update.
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