Arrows in a path travelling to tell the direction.


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Is it possible to flow sequences of arrows in a pre defined curve path with respect to curve constraint to represent the direction in a simple way. Right now it works for one triangle. But How to replicate multiple triangles follow with time.


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Make an object composed of a "chain" of arrows, or clones?

Right....Like instances of the main object with an offset along the start axis, maybe? Each instance follows the path but is offset by a certain distance so they appear to be following each other.

I think Mark Warner has done some things along these lines, thiyaguthree, if you wanted to check out his YouTube.

The Splines, Instances... And a Rocket! video might offer a solution.


You could also use wind animation path depending on and particles and instance arrows on that.
A different story if you need the arrows to bend conform along the curve though, but for rotation angle along curve that should also work I think.
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