Arm rigging please help


Hi there :)
is it possible to rig an arm like in C4D tutorial Spline IK?
(starts at 2. min)

I would like to animate only the end point an elbow and may be stretch the arm.
something like this
It is my first atempt to rig and animate a caracter :) and i still can`t handle it :(

I tried spline control - absolutely lost myself
I triesd bones/joints - it worked somehow...
I tried with IK Boost - it works but is terribl eto animate :(

find some tutorials:

but still can`t handle it :(
Please help - whitch is the easyest way to handle it ....


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a though 1st task...

agree, spline rig is complex, but best way

IKB is the simplest BendyBone i believe

other than that, this could be interesting and of use.



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Worley plugins are fully functional. The only thing that is disabled, without licensing the plugin, is the interface to control the settings. However, those settings might be hacked in the LWS scene file with a text editor.

It is possible to take one of the demo scenes as a foundation for your own scene.

EDIT: Hoser compatibility lasts through LW2019. It does not work in LW2020.
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Please, but these are not my settings. I collected, and erikals reminded that I have links.
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