Are there any good improved "glow" type plugins?


May the sauce be with you
A good customer of mine really likes his glows.

The built in LW glow is not to bad in terms of results, (well, unless you need a transparency channel), but I was wondering if there are any better commercial or free tools to do the job better.

Right now my biggest complaint is that i am working at 4k and the single threaded glow process takes forever and only uses ONE of my 32 cores!

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fusion as free post glow.
or blender eevee emission bloom and render realtime passes of it..after exporting alembic to get full camera match

but that route is just a crazy idea not evaluated :)

but what type of glow does it pertain?


Here´s a freebee I think from Kelly Myers on fusion and lightwave3D, or they must have stolen it without permission?

10:41 in the clip, and color correction with glow applied on thrusters....


it does, left blank intentional

but i could of course add, say...

yes, Fusion is usually more powerful.

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