Are there any good improved "glow" type plugins?


May the sauce be with you
A good customer of mine really likes his glows.

The built in LW glow is not to bad in terms of results, (well, unless you need a transparency channel), but I was wondering if there are any better commercial or free tools to do the job better.

Right now my biggest complaint is that i am working at 4k and the single threaded glow process takes forever and only uses ONE of my 32 cores!

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fusion as free post glow.
or blender eevee emission bloom and render realtime passes of it..after exporting alembic to get full camera match

but that route is just a crazy idea not evaluated :)

but what type of glow does it pertain?


Here´s a freebee I think from Kelly Myers on fusion and lightwave3D, or they must have stolen it without permission?

10:41 in the clip, and color correction with glow applied on thrusters....


it does, left blank intentional

but i could of course add, say...

yes, Fusion is usually more powerful.


yes, works Alright.
but beware it will add quite a bit of rendertime (post)
so best to do it in DaVinci Resolve or such, if possible.



As mentioned, workflow ala Kat fusion glow, or after effects, you can´t really go wrong with that.

But.I can´t help but experimenting with "odd" workflows.
As I mentioned before, experimental evee bloom, which in essential renders in realtime, and easy to set color as you like per instanced item if you wan´t too.
samples of ico spheres instanced on to a box vertices, high values of emission strength and bloom active of course, render out separate bloom pass is what you can do.
but you need to set pull down the alpha on each surface for the object carrying the instances, or some other cryptomatte checking which I yet have to discover.
But this way I got it to work as I want to, the bloom "glow" is obscured by the item it is instanced on as it should be, and I can render out this glow as a single pass only, and then use cycles, or eevee, or Lightwave to render the object itself if I set up the alembic scenefile to match perfectly, once exported to blender.

You can´t save out the bloom pass on transparent film in blender, it will only bloom/glow on the parts that aren´t transparent, so it has to be black.
Use screen in after effects, crush the levels further with color range keying.

Sample below is a shrinked render pass layer,which you shouldn´t do would yield wrong color overlay if it´s not covering the full plate, but I was just testing.
And this is how far I have gotten during all the years trying to model a spaceship :D:eek: and my understanding of perspective.
bloom/glow pass is linked to the object render pass in after effects, so you can move or scale it without those two layers having a missmatch, but as mentioned, you would want to try and match layer size and background plate with proper scale and position from the start.

eevee bloom, Realtime, and full color control per instanced item on objects.
Experimental but it should work to mix with lightwave renders for objects, then mixing bloom from render blender emission surfaces, instances etc.
And you get distance sizing of the bloom nicely correct.

after effects.jpg

bloom pass.jpg
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