Anyone using LScript UDF's in LW2015.3 Expressions on Mac OS X?


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A long time ago I used LScript user defined functions (UDFs) in Graph Editor Expressions on the Mac. Probably in LW version 8 or so. I'm trying again now in LW 2015.3 on the Mac to update some very old scenes, but no matter where I place the LScript file, the function call fails to compile in the graph editor. Probably pilot error since I haven't done it this way in years and things probably changed. Where should LScript UDF's for expressions be placed on the Mac in 2015.3? I've tried the locations mentioned in the docs and every other location I could think of but to no avail.

I've tried placing the LScript test file in the following locations:

I'm looking at page 311 in the User Manual. Does this still work in LW2015.3 on the Mac?

I'm just trying a very simple test file named which consists of this:

// Test
// LScript UDF User Defined Function for testing calling an LScript UDF

Test: passedValue
return( passedValue );

Then I'm trying to call it from an expression using:

This is just to test calling the function with a number and passing the number back to the expression in the Graph Editor so I can verify everything is linking up correctly. Then I'll use the real LScript functions rather than the simple test.

The Expression Builder also mentions using a UserExpressions.lib file as another way to use custom functions in Expressions and it mentions looking at the default UserExpressions.lib file as an example of how to set it up, but I can't seem to find such a file...

Thanks for any information to point me in the right direction.
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