Any Soundmixer codes for Toasterscript

Keith Gandy

New member
Apparently one of the victims of the upgrade process following VT2/VT3 has been the scripting for the Audiomixer. Does anyone have any coding that actually works for the toasterscript?

Mute and Volume functions are unavailable? Who has a tip?
There are lot of ToasterScript commands for AudioMixer. What features you need? Can you specified them?

Here are commands since VT3.

For inputs:
SetChannelVolume( ch, v )
SetChannelMute( ch, v )

For masters:
SetMasterInVolume( v )
SetMasterMute( v )
SetMainSX8Volume( v )
SetToasterOut( v )
I just mak a quick test on VT5.3 and most of the AudioMixer command are not working. Maybe you are right, NewTek remove them between upgrades.
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