Any news on the next update for speed Edit?


Im currently still running SE 2.1 as I cant get 2.5 to function without crashing when rendering the project Also when the upgrade to 2.5 is done all the folders with the transitions/wipes/DVEs are empty. Ive gone through all the hoops trying to get a fix to this and no one has come up with a solution. I am running a dedicated Dell XPS i7 core PC loaded with 12gb ram and a decent graphics card.

Is there anything in the works to fix this as I have seen other reports of this same problem from other SE users?


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I've seen the same problem. The solution is to backup your DVE folder to a separate location (which I do anyway since I've got a pile of custom DVEs) then copy it into place after installing 2.5.


Thanks, I did figure that out but it still does not fix the crashing during rendering. Ive tried several different projects and they all crash at various different points.

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I have discovered a few things about rendering in SE2 which should be known by all users. I imagine that most people probably render their projects with the project open. You select the stuff you want to render, and right click to the ‘render selected’ option and set the render panel & away it goes, and that’s totally fine. But here are some details about that… If your project is in any way heavy on processor & memory demands, close the project as soon as you start rendering it (by opening up a new empty project), You will right away notice that your rendering speed will suddenly speed up tremendously.

Also, if you are experiencing partial rendering & then crashing, try rendering with the project closed. I rendered a file unsuccessfully 6 times, because it crashed part way in each time. Then I rendered with the project closed. No problem, and faster too.

This is also useful if you are trying to render to a file format that crashes as soon as you select it. Try closing the project as soon as you open the render panel, then selecting the file format, and it probably won’t crash anymore.

You can also select what to render, click render, and when the render window opens, you go back to the timeline, select all, delete. Then click render. When rendering is done, click undo and it all comes back. This will give you faster renders (like more than twice as fast) and stop most crashes.

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