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Is there any way of increasing the antialiasing on the 3d objects exported from Lightwave??
Everytime i've exported and then brought into director the edges have been badly aliased, even when i have increased the quality by up to 500, but no difference has been seen.
I've had a look at a few peoples work, and i've seen aliased work there too.
please help. :confused:


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Yes you can in director lingo but to be honest its not worth it. It takes up so much processing power that it just grinds pc's to a halt. If its other peoples work you are looking at they probably aren't anti aliased. It depends how it is textured and wot the background of your scene is like. Sometimes this can cover up the lack of antialiasing.

You can't do anything in lightwave to get rid of this,




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What we've been doing in-house is turning on antialiasing only when the model or scene is NOT in motion, then disabling it when it's in motion.

This method really only applies to something like a model viewer, where the user could do things like simple rotation and scaling. While the user is rotating the model around no AA is going on, but when they stop to examine the model the AA will give a nice beauty shot. MDoyle is right however about the processing power issue. AA in director is utterly worthless if you intend to use it in real-time, even on the fastest of computers.
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