Announcement : UNITE Remote Contribution System for NDI Workflows



The Contribution Solution you have been waiting for.

  • No compromise Browser-based Contribution System
    for Professional Broadcasters
  • Fully Scalable Solution for Massive Virtual Audiences
    with Full Audio Interaction
  • Native NDI® Output
    Discrete Full Raster Video, Discrete Audio per Stream
Unique Sienna Technology:

Built with decades of broadcast experience, Unite is different to 'consumer' browser based video solutions. Purpose designed for Client-Server direct connections without intermediate or 3rd party connection or relay servers. This means super low latency, a predictable and reliable connection every time and avoids irritating resolution switching. Unite also features server-side echo cancellation so you can quickly deal with contributor audio problems

Unite is built into the powerful Sienna ND Processing Engine Plus, chosen by the world's leading broadcasters, including BBC, NBC, SKY, NFL, FOX, ABC, and many more, as they migrate to IP based workflows. Unite has also been adopted by pioneering Events and E-Sports companies and has been designed to super scale, in order to quickly assemble massive live audiences for next generation live events with none of the compromises of traditional video conferencing solutions.

Equally happy on-prem or in the cloud, Unite promises to bring audiences back together, whether its a small group of program contributors, or an arena-wall full of comedy or music fans, Unite transforms the possible and unlocks a positive future for live audiences.


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Unite's client interface works in modern Chrome browsers on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android, and Safari on iOS 14.3 and later, plus Edge


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