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We can't contain the excitement anymore. The word has leaked out about our amazing new hardware/software addon for VT and TriCaster. It's been spotted being used by our testers and hinted at in forums. One of our users even made a promotional video for it just to encourage us to release it now - our many thanks to Studio Hudson!

So, by popular demand, youngmonkey is pleased to announce the pre-release of Macro Panel 1.0 for VT and TriCaster.

"We saved over $30,000 by switching to Macro Panel. Unbelievable product. Flexible, gave us more options and brought our production to the next level. So impressed we purchased two." - Trevor Parks, Sports Information Director, Youngstown State University

Macro Panel is a fully customizable USB hardware panel that adds complex control of hundreds of TriCaster/VT functions with single keypresses, providing macros for the VT and TriCaster. Do things you only dreamed about until now. Macro Panel will revolutionize the way you do video production, and introduces exciting new functionality and ease of use for operators.

Users of our Instant Replay and Camera Controller plugins will be excited to know that Macro Panel can also simultaneously control those plugins in conjunction with TriCaster/VT functions.

The pre-release version is ready for broadcast production use, is reliable and stable; but it does not yet have full documentation, has no default keyboard layout, and we're still tweaking a few functions. If you are already familiar with our Scheduler or TCP plugins you'll be quite at ease with the Macro Panel.

The official release is not too far off, but if you're too excited to wait, never read documentation anyway, and want to get your hands on it now, your wait is over!

Pre-release purchasers will receive an official release update at no extra charge when it's ready.


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