Announce: Slideshow Maker 1.0 (Aura) - Available Now


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Announce: Slideshow Maker 1.0 (Aura) - Available Now

Minimum Requirements
Aura 2.0+ -or- Video Toaster [2]+

If you're in the business of creating video slideshows, or have ever worked on a project with numerous images of varied size, then you probably know how time consuming and tedious it can be to rotate, scale, and aspect correct every picture individually. Now, with Slideshow Maker, you can easily convert a folder of pictures into a slideshow... With the click of a button, every image will be automatically aspect corrected, scaled to fit, and inserted into the project - completely unattended. If your project is destined for video, the Border setting provides a quick way to force images to fit into a safe video area.

For more precise control, the Manual mode allows you to preview and choose images while single stepping through the contents of folders. Images can also be individually rotated - ideal for portrait photographs from a digital camera. This interactive mode also allows you to re-order images by repositioning the insertion point, or create multiple slideshows simultaneously on individual project layers.

There's no need to worry about problem files either... In Automatic mode, if a corrupt file or unsupported file type is encountered, a bright red colored frame will be inserted into the project with the filename on it - making it easy to see which files weren't processed. You can also pre-scan the selected folder to verify the files before beginning.

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