Announce: MIDI 2.3 - Control Surface Interface


software developer
MIDI-VT provides real-time MIDI-In and Out support for the VT and TriCaster. This opens up exciting possibilities for use of control surfaces such as the Behringer BCF2000 and BCR2000, as well as for live performance artists, VJs, and theatre technicians.

- Added: Auto Start: automatically opens the plugin on startup of TriCaster and VT
- Added: In/Out Enable are now restored from last session
- Added: SDI Audio: Mute/EQ/Balance/Volume (TC Broadcast)
- Added: SpeedEDIT: Shuttle, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open (VT5)
- Added: LiveStream On/Off (VT5)
- Fixed: Keyer: Mode: Linear White/Black reversed
- Fixed: Keyer: Mode: Luma White/Black reversed
- Fixed: DSK Take
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