Announce: Master Control 2.0 (Multi-Control/Redundancy for NewTek Products and MORE)


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youngmonkey is pleased to announce Master Control 2.0. It’s simply AMAZING and it's not just for TriCaster anymore!

One Touch Does It All and Much More...

"Master Control is an amazing addition to a TriCaster. It provides the missing link for fast-paced, intensive productions, by enabling users to program macros to reliably reproduce complex events that would be impossible to do manually. For news, sports or really anything else, I wouldn't want to switch a TriCaster show without one anymore." - Kris Gurrad, ABC/KATU-TV

Master Control is a modular, customizable tablet system for controlling devices and software of various kinds. It integrates our time proven technologies, relied upon by industry leaders, to provide complex macro based control of multiple devices simultaneously with the simplicity of single keypresses. Do things you only dreamed about until now. It revolutionizes workflow and introduces exciting new functionality and ease of use for operators.

For more information, visit the new Master Control website:

Software upgrades for Master Control 1.x to 2.0 are available through our online store.

- Completely new modular design
- Multiple host support, allows independent and redundant control of devices/software
- Added: Add-Ons Store: Buy only what you need
- Added: Button Tags implemented for more flexibility, easier identification, and affecting multiple buttons simultaneously - for controls where button numbers (ex A005) were used previously
- Added: Button spacing is now customizable when creating a new map
- Added: Design Mode toolbar with Copy, Delete, Swap, and Exit functions
- Added: Tools tab that auto-shows when tool add-ons are installed
- Added: Opening a map now auto-selects the Macros tab
- Editor: Edit mode replaced with Auto-Edit/Replace functionality - allows for quick step editing and copying
- Editor: background colors of rows alternate from step to step for easier reading
- Web Browser: Added: Back/Forward buttons
- Web Browser: Added: Links that normally open a new browser window are redirected to the same window
- Renamed: 'Configuration > Macros' tab as 'Maps'
- Renamed: 'Macro Editor > Clear' as 'New'
- Moved: 'Date/Time Settings Open' to 'Configuration > Master Control' tab


Master Control:
- Added: control of another Master Control over network via secured SSL communication
- Added: Tabs: Select
- Added: Web Browser: Go URL
- Added: GUI based entry of multiple parameter values
- Renamed control 'Macros' as 'Maps'

Add-Ons Now Available:
- Blackmagic Design Videohub
- Extron Electronics MAV
- Knox Video Technologies RS
- NewTek 3Play
- NewTek LiveText
- NewTek TriCaster: Standard/Pro/Studio/Broadcast
- NewTek TriCaster XD: 40/300/450/455/850/855/8000
- Lots more to come... including VT support


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