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youngmonkey is pleased to announce the release of Instant Replay 2.0 for VT and TriCaster.

Instant Replay is one click fast and one click professional. One click creates an event and one click triggers replay action, using any of four definable presets. One click assigns the event into editable groups (ex: Goals/Fights/Trash/etc), and one click recall allows for easy replay of previous events, or automated assembly of highlights. It's one click simple... it's Instant Replay.

NEW in 2.0
- Added: Editable groups (Ex:Scores/Fights/Trash/etc) for organizing replays
- Added: Assemble function for generating projects in any DDR or Editor:
- Group Highlights: Assembles clips in the selected group, cut to the defined time, at the specified speed, with crossfades between events
- Full Session: Assembles clips from the entire session to form a full production from start to finish
- Added: Restore option allows shared use of a DDR/Editor, by returning the DDR/Editor to the state it was before each replay
- Added: Can use any DDR for replays/assemble. On VT, the Video Editor can also be used for detailed processing before playback
- Added: External control support (Macro Player, Scheduler)
- Added: Capture support for .mpg/.mp4 (VT)
- Added: Auto(Play) option for Replay presets
- Added: Auto Start mode
- Added: Hidden mode
- Added: DDR/VCR audio Volume/Mute
- Added: Requires a new filename for each session, to avoid previous files being overwritten
- Added: Adds the final clip to the events list when stopped so that the Events list contains the entire session
- Added: ToasterScript commands: ymInstantReplay_Assemble, ymInstantReplay_GroupSelect, ymInstantReplay_GroupAssign, ymInstantReplay_Restore
- Fixed: Can now record to root directory (ex "D:\")

For a limited time, SAVE $100
Demos are now available.


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Great Plugin!

This an amazing plug in and I believe every sports producer using a Tricaster should get it! Great support and works like a charm. It has dramatically increased the production value of all my productions. The new functions added to the upgrade is going to make it even better. I can't wait to run highlight packs of certain groups of highlights. Have I mentioned the ease of use?? Oh ya its easy and faultless... I know I sound like a sales person but I just to express its amazing functionality.
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